Top 5 Best Android Video Player Apps – Download

5 Best Android Video Player Apps For Download

Best Android Video Player Apps – Download

As everyone know this that now a days Android is the best and popular Mobile Operating System having all the features which a person should have. Android provides its best and important features in its apps. Currently there are almost more than 8.5 million apps. To find the best app for your Android phone is than really a tough and hard work. For your ease in this article I am sharing the Top 5 Best Android Video Play Apps with their download links.

1. MX Player

MX Player

This is the best and no. 1 video player app of Android. It is free of cost. It is having all the features a video player should have for free. MX Player supports almost 95% of all video formats. It supports hardware acceleration so you can play your videos without any interruption.

Download MX Player

2. MoboPlayer



MoboPlayer is also a best video player app for android. MoboPlayer can play 90% of all video formats. It also supports HD Videos. It is having the great, simple, and a beautiful user interface.

Download MoboPlayer

3. Easy Video Player

Easy Video Player

Easy Video Player is having lots of great features. Some of its best features are it is free of cost. Easy Video Player supports all the video formats. It also plays HD videos. It is having best privacy control for your videos which helps your videos to keep secure and prevent hackers to hack them.

Download Easy Video Player

4. VPlayer Video Player

VPlayer Video Player


VPlayer Video Player is the best and free multi media player for Android. Its best features are that if you run any video from it directly runs it in to VPlayer Video Player. It can play HD videos. It also supports Hardware Acceleration. It uses less battery to play videos and saves battery. Remember: This VPlayer Video Player is a free trial version. To use this VPlayer Video Player app you need to buy this app to use its great features.

Download VPlayer

5. VLC for Android Beta Version

VLC for Android Beta

VLC for Android Beta Version is the best and free media player of Android. VLC for Android Beta is having almost 1 Million download up till now. Its nest feature is this that this app also includes a menu for audio control, supports audio headsets control, cover art and a complete audio media library.

Download VLC for Android Beta Version

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