5 Best Apps for Sony Xperia Z1 (Free)

Best Apps for Sony Xperia Z1

Top 5 Best Apps of Sony Xperia Z1

5 Best Apps for Sony Xperia Z1…… Sony has created a great smartphones series which Xperia Z and in in this series Xperia Z1 is the most popular due to it’s best and amazing features. If you have bought Sony Xperia Z1 just now, than it’s good for you as it is having great reviews. It is having fantastic camera and one of the most best feature is that it is water-proof. So, today I am going to share some best apps for Sony Xperia Z1 which are free and recommended by me.

5 Best Apps for Sony Xperia Z1

1. Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe Photoshop Express is the no. 1 free best app of Sony Xperia. As all of us including you and me know this that Adobe is the top developer company and has created lots of great softwares. As Xperia Z1 comes up with a great camera so, if you want to edit any photo you have snapped is also a great thing. So, Photoshop in mobile is a great feature. It is also free of cost. There are more than 20 effects in Photoshop from which you can make your photo amazing.

2. MapMyHike

MapMyHike is the second best free app of Sony Xperia Z1. MapMyHike app is developed MapMyRun for hikers. It tracks the distance and time. It also shows the averages and pace. It is really a great app.

3. Instagram

Instagram is a app that created a social network just like Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter etc. If you want to get more use of Xperia Z1 with fun use this great app Instagram. Due to some great features of Instagram, instagram is the third best app of Sony Xperia Z1.

4. Reddit is Fun

Reddit is a great app which is having interesting links, images, videos and memes. It’s UI is phone-friendly than the browser layout because if you open reddit.com in your browser it do not look good as it looks in this app. So, reddit is fun is the forth best app for Sony Xperia Z1.

 5. Flicker

Flicker is the fifth best, free app of Sony Xperia Z1.Flicker is a photo sharing service. It is a fast service so, as the camera of Xperia Z1 is perfect which captures the sharp and HD images so, it’s images are also large in sizes to if you want to share your pictures/images with your friends or public you can easily share your images here. The layout of Flicker in mobile is now improved so, you will have fun in using it.

So, above we have listed the top 5 best free apps for Sony Xperia Z1 which are rated by other great companies and with some my own experience.

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