Top 5 Best Web Hosting Companies

Top 5 Best Web Hosting Companies

As you know that Hosting plays an important role in blogging but if you are running a blog on Blogger you don’t need any hosting as Blogger provides you free hosting. The point is that now a days WordPress is very popular and is running on almost 70% of world’s websites and if you want to run a website on WordPress or you want to build a custom hosted HTML pages site you need a Web Hosting. So, if you want to run a website on WordPress like mine you need a Web Hosting and if you are thinking of buying a Web Hosting Account you must have to buy it from a trusted Hosting Provider/Company. I have listed the world’s top 5 best Web Hosting Companies which are trusted and affordable.

1. Hostgator

Hostgator No. 1 Web Hosting Company

Hostgator is one of the world’s no. 1 best hosting company. Hostgator came into being in 2002. Hostgator has hosted more than 8,000,000 domain names. Hostgator has been awarded by so many rewards. If you want to buy a Web Hosting from Hostgator than it is the best time to buy as they are having a great coupon code which reduces your any Web Hosting package price to 0.01$. Buy the Web Hosting through my referral and use the Coupon code: 1CENT to reduce the price Web Hosting Package to 0.01$ only 1 cent. Sign Up and Buy the Baby Plan for Only 1 Penny using my refer Click Here.

2. Blue Host


Bluehost is the world’s second best Web Hosting Provider. They came into being in 1996. Bluehost is the best Web Hosting provider if you want to run a site on WordPress. They have also been rewarded by only few Web Hosting Review Sites. As compare to Hostgator it isn’t awarded by so many awards. Sign Up and Buy the Hosting and Domain using my refer Click Here.

3. iPage

iPage Web Hosting Company

iPage Web Hosting Company is very popular and well known by its Extra Features which you get while buying any Hosting Plan. Their Extra Features includes a Google Adwords Coupon Code worth $100, a Facebook Advertising Coupon Code worth $50, Yahoo and Bing Advertising Credit Coupon worth $25 and a very well known security software Site Lock which is worth $100. Their Extra Features are worth $275 which is a big prize. Buy the Hosting and Domain from iPage using my refer Click Here.

4. Godaddy

Godaddy Hosting Company

Godaddy was the world’s number 1 Web Hosting Company but now it is at number 4. Godaddy is at 4 position in the Top 5 Web Hosting Companies because it has excellent pricing plans and packages.

5. Namecheap

Namecheap Web Hosting Company

Namecheap is at 5 position as it has hosted over 5,000,000 domains since last 8 years as they were having cheapest domains at that time. Now namecheap is not having that cheaper domains. Namecheap is also very popular and well known for its premium 24 hours support via chat and also by email.

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