Google AdSense Approval Trick of 2014

AdSense Approval Trick

AdSense Approval Trick

AdSense Approval Trick

AdSense is one of the best and high paying CPC advertising network. I am also using AdSense and generating income on daily basis. As AdSense is the world’s best and high paying CPC network so its demand and requirements are also very strict and if you want an AdSense account than you must have to fulfill their requirements and terms of conditions (TOC). Their requirements are not as much strict as we think but if you follow them you will get your AdSense account without any problem but unfortunately nearly 60% of the total AdSense requests are rejects just because of not fulfilling their requirements. There are two types of Google AdSense accounts which are Hosted AdSense account and non-hosted adsense account. Hosted Adsense account is that account which you can run only in sub-domain of blogspot using blogger and youtube and non-hosted adsense account are those accounts which you can use in each and every blog which fulfills the requirements of AdSense. As each and every request of AdSense accounts are reviewed by  real humans so by following the below short list of basic requirements of Google AdSense, soon you will be having your own non-hosted Google AdSense.

  1. Legal Content: Legal content means that AdSense will only approve that website/blog which contains legal content not illegal content like downloads and nulled themes.
  2. Site Behavior: Sites must be easy to navigate and must have a proper navigation system and sites must not change the user preferences and must not redirect the user to an unwanted and initiate downloads website which contains malware and other kinds of viruses.

Now for those who are in need of Adsense and want to earn through Youtube or sub-domains they can get a hosted AdSense account. There is a trick from which you can get your own hosted adsense account and the trick is mentioned below.

How to get Hosted Google AdSense Account

By following the below easy tips you can easily grab a free hosted Google adsense account.

  1. First of all create a free GMail account of USA or UK by going to
  2. As you have to create a GMail account of USA and UK so you will have to use proxy. For proxy I recommend you to use Zenmate free Google Chrome Extension (For Google Chrome Users) and AnonymoX free Mozilla Firefox extension (For Mozilla Firefox users).
  3. After creating a Google Account go to and login.
  4. Now go to this page and click a button named as “Enable Monetization”.
  5. After enabling monetization of your youtube account go to  and this will redirect you to Google AdSense sign up form.
  6. Simply fill all the real details and click submit.
  7. In 2-4 hours you hosted adsense will be approved.

How to use Hosted Google AdSense account in Blogger

To use your approved hosted Google adsense account you will have to follow the below easy steps.

  1. Go to and open the dashboard of your blogger blog.
  2. Now to go Earnings tab.
  3. Click get started.
  4. Now link your AdSense Account and you are done.

This is the easiest way you ever found it on internet. This is the working trick of Google AdSense Account Approval 2014. Kindly if you face any problem or want to provide a feedback feel free to comment below.

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