Best Freelancing Websites – Top 5 – 2014

Best Freelancing Websites - Top 5 - 2014

As there are so many ways from which you can earn a good money e.g blogging (which I am doing), web-designing, web-developing, freelancing and many more. As for some people it is difficult to do blogging if they cannot update their blog daily, do good SEO and many more so, they should not come into this field as this is not suitable for them. Some people are good in designing and some are in web-developing. If there is someone who cannot earn using these ways or think it is difficult for them than don’t worry Freelancing is here.

What is Freelancing?

Freelancing is that job in which you work as an independent contractor. An  independent contractor is a person who do the work of the other about it’s client needs. In this you only have to do the which his/her client needs at a reasonable price and than find another client.

5 Best Freelancing Websites for Freelancers – 2014

As freelancing is also a great way to earn money online so, it’s another difficult thing to find the client of your skills. Don’t worry I am going to list the “World’s Top 5 Best Freelancing Websites of 2014” from which you can find the clients/buyers.

1. Fiverr

Fiverr is the world’s no. 1 best freelancing website of 2014 for freelancers. It is an marketplace for small services. The great feature of Fiverr is this that you can buy/sell your gig in as low rates as 5$. Through Fiverr you can easily make 5-10 orders daily as the orders are small and easy and you can easily earn up-to 100$ in an month.

2. Elance

Elance is the world’s no. 2 best freelancing site for freelancers. Elance was launched in 1999. More than 50,000 jobs are posted in Elance every month. It is having a huge list of web designing, development, graphics design, and content writing etc.

3. oDesk

oDesk is the no. 3 best freelancing site for freelancers. This is the best place for freelancers who know how are SEO Experts, Web Programmers, Web Designers, Freelance Writers, Software Developers and many more. In oDesk you can set your own price.

4. is the world’s no. 4 best freelancing site for freelancers. Same as oDesk in you can also set your own price. is the best website for proffessional freelancers as if you work the best you will get the highest rate.


Guru is the world’s no. 5 best freelancing website. Guru was also founded in 1999 in San Francisco. It is having more than 1.5 million freelancers and more than 1 million buyers. In Guru there are more than 750,000 available categories for freelancers. In this site you can fix a price of your choice but it should be less then 250$.

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