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Fix Facebook Incorrect Thumbnail Issue in WordPress

Hello guys. After a long time I am again here this time with a solution of the mostly occurring WordPress problem. Many WordPress users are facing this problem that whenever they publish a post and share it on Facebook for traffic, Facebook pickts the wrong post thumbnail. So, today I am going to tell you that ...Read More

How to Schedule Posts in WordPress

How to Schedule Posts in WordPress Really WordPress is one of the best open-source blogging platform which comes and offers you so many features. Most of users use WordPress but don’t know it’s all features. Even at first I was also a student and now not a but some kinda professional. Firstly when I ...Read More

How to Add Custom Scroll Bar in WordPress

How to Add Custom Scroll Bar in WordPress Hello all! after a long time I am posting my new post. I was busy in exams thats why I was unable to update my but don’t worry now my exams are over and will update my site everyday with amazing, unique and some ...Read More

Top 4 Best WordPress Security Plugins

WordPress Security Plugins Today I am going to share the top 4 best WordPress Security Plugins. WordPress is the most used blogging script used by more than 70 billion bloggers. As WordPress is a script which you have to download and install it in your server and most of the hosting companies specially local ...Read More

How to install a WordPress Plugin

How to Install WordPress Plugins Millions of blogs and websites are being created and published. As you and me both know that now a days WordPress is the world’s most used, best and number 1 blogging platform. There are many people who are new to blogging or new to WordPress blogging platform and they ...Read More

How to Add a User in WordPress

WordPress is world’s no. 1 open-source blogging platform. WordPress is also a well-known, best and free blogging platform just like Blogger, Joomla etc. I am also using WordPress and also recommended others to use WordPress. WordPress is a free script which you can download from WordPress.org and install it in your server ...Read More