Facebook Auto Poster – Post to All FB Groups Using 1 Click

Facebook Auto Poster

Facebook Auto Group Poster

Facebook Auto Poster

As you know that Facebook is the world’s no. 1 social media network which is having over more than 5 billion daily active visitors in which almost 30% are the bloggers. As every blogger know that by sharing his/her website/blog on popular, well-known social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus etc can help them in driving a huge traffic to their blog which helps them increase their rank and also revenue. As Facebook is the no. 1 social network so, everyone will want to drive a huge traffic from it.

You can drive traffic to your blog/website by sharing your blog’s posts in those Facebook Groups which are having a large number of daily active members. So, for driving huge from Facebook you need to do two things which are very easy. The first thing which you have to do while driving traffic from Facebook is to join a large number of Facebook Groups and the second thing is to publish a status/message in those groups. So, if you join more than 50 groups than you will face some difficulty while posting in all the groups which you have joined. So, for your ease this time I developed a tool which is known as Facebook Auto Poster or Facebook Auto Group Poster which posts to all the groups which you have joined. There are many advantages and features of this Facebook Auto Poster. Its advantages are that it saves your time which is the best thing and it also drives traffic to your website/blog. The features of this tool are that it is an online tool not a software so, it is safe to use and will also not harm your PC and it’s second feature is that it is light, simple and having elegant design. I have developed 2 tools of Facebook which are Facebook Auto Group Poster or Facebook Auto Poster and Facebook Auto Commenter.

How to Use Auto Poster

Facebook Auto Group Poster + Auto Group Commenter by FastTechTips.COM from Fast Tech Tips on Vimeo.

Facebook Auto Group Poster

1. First of all you have to go to a website which is FBTools.FastTechTips.CoM

2. Click on image named as “Login with Facebook”

Login With Facebook

3. Now just enter your Facebook login details and click login.

Login to Facebook


4. Select Public as privacy and click ok.

Facebook Auto Poster


5. Enter your msg, add your site link, select all groups and click post.

Facebook Auto Group Poster


6. After clicking post you will get a success message.

FB Auto Group Poster

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