Top 60 Social Bookmarking Sites List

Social Bookmarking Sites

social bookmarking sites list

There are many factors like On and off page optimization, permalink and image optimization etc. which are needed while ranking a keyword and post but backlinks are also the best way to rank a keyword. For creating backlinks you will need some sites list having high Google Page Rank (PR) as sites having low Google Page Rank (PR) are likely to be useless so, you might be searching for the Top 60 Social Bookmarking Sites List. There are two types of Backlinks which are do-follow and no-follow. Do-follow is that backlink which Google and other search engines follow and no-follow is that one which is not followed/crawled by any search engine. So, as you are going to rank a keyword or post you will definitely require do-follow backlinks and as well as high PR. So, that’s why I have shared the High PR and Do-follow list of social bookmarking sites.

There are so many social bookmarking sites and social bookmarking sites lists but all of them are not having high PR. So, today I am going to share the Top Social Bookmarking Sites list having high PR and also do-follow.

So, below is the list of Top Social Bookmarking Sites.

Social Bookmarking Sites List

PR 8 Social Bookmarking Sites List

PR 7 Social Bookmarking Sites List


PR 6 Social Bookmarking Sites List 2014

PR 5 Social Bookmarking Sites List of 2014

PR 4 Top Social Bookmarking Sites List

So, these are the top 60 Social Bookmarking Sites List. Now create do-follow backlinks from these High PR Social Bookmarking Sites List. If you need any help while creating backlinks than kindly feel free to comment below.

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