Google Zero Gravity Tips, Tricks and Pranks – Top 5

Yesterday I was searching about some funny tricks to pass the time and suddenly I found the best feature of Google ever which is known as Google Zero Gravity. As you and me know that Google is the world’s most popular, most used and the most well-known search engine. Google is the best search engine which provide what you want to get in just seconds.

As now a days the number of Web-Developers, Bloggers, Programmers, etc. is increasing so, some of the best developers are trying to make some funny pranks of Google just like Google Zero Gravity. So, today I am going to tell you the top 5 best funny tips, tricks and pranks of Google Zero Gravity.

Top 5 Google Zero Gravity Tricks

Google Zero Gravity

 1. Google Zero Gravity

Google Zero Gravity is officially developed by Mr. Doob. If you want to see Google Zero Gravity trick in action than you only have to follow the below link.

Google Zero Gravity

Google Zero Gravity with Inversion Mirror

2. Google Zero Gravity with Inversion Mirror

This time a new feature is added in Google Zero Gravity which is Inversion Mirror. When you open the below link it will only me inverted Google but when you will search anything in it the results will be having no gravity and you will found them falling downwards.

Google Zero Gravity with Inversion Mirror

3. Zerg Rush

By just simply typing Zerg Rush in your Google you will get to know that what do it do. When you will type Zerg Rush in the Homepage of Google you will see the some of the letter “o” are crushing all the search results and after crushing all the results the page will be recovered.

4. Tilt

To do this you just have to simple type Tilt in Google Homepage as in Zerg Rush. When you search for tilt in Google it will tilt the full page.

5. Google Underwater

Google Underwater is the fifth and the last funny prank of Google Zero Gravity. You simply have to follow the below link to have fun with Google Underwater. This time Google is swimming under water with big Sharks and plants.

So, these were the Top 5 Google Zero Gravity Tricks. By using and sharing these tricks with your friends hope this will confuse them while searching and you will enjoy. If you have still any question kindly share your thoughts and feedback below in the comments.

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