Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Undergoing Development

Samsung Galaxy Note 5

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Undergoing Development

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Undergoing Development

Despite the fact that every smartphone company has a giant phablet device in market, Samsung deserves the credit for making this type popular. Their first Galaxy Note device had arrived back in 2011 which were 5.3 inches in display size, fairly big among that time’s standards and it’s grown even bigger in the recent years. Not only the size but the reputation as a productive and fluent handheld device; this Samsung Galaxy Note series often even compares with the company’s very own Galaxy S series, let alone the other phablets like HTC One M8, LG G3 etc.

It’s been nearly around three months since the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is in the market. It’s certainly one best-selling phablet of its time, and people love the experience so far. There’s the curved twin bearing name Galaxy Note Edge which is basically the same thing with a tilted display and that earned the same level of gratitude. The craze is very much alive on the enthusiasts’ minds and the Samsung R&D department has started making the new phablet Samsung Galaxy Note 5 awaiting release during the last quarter of 2015.

The Surprise Pack

Of course the new smartphone is going to be packed with surprise all over. The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is rumored to have a 4K display; which might get uplift to 5.9 inches from existing 5.7 inches. The highest display resolution smartphones are still stuck within QHD range so far and Samsung could be the first company to ever introduce a 3840×2160 pixels 4K display in a phablet.

To get closer to its closest resembling competitor Google Nexus 6, Samsung might even think about a new 6 inch form factor. Now the question of customer satisfaction arises at this point; whether people are going to love the even bigger shape or the 5.7 inch display is still in the more preferred zone. We believe Samsung has some specialized market judgment capability to make that decision.

Release Date

As all the Samsung Galaxy Note devices get released during September of every year, we don’t see an exception coming this year. The Samsung Galaxy S6 is likely to arrive on March during the Mobile World Congress or a date closer to this event. Samsung is well-predictable in terms of release dates; so the Galaxy Note 5 is going to make its touch down on September. However, the actual marketing might take another month to happen.

The Berlin based IFA event is the target event for Samsung Note’s unveiling whereas the MWC events are kind of reserved for Samsung Galaxy S series refreshment.

However, unlike Apple the Galaxy Note 5 would take longer to reach the consumers. Apple usually takes no longer than 10 days to get their products to their consumers’ hands whereas Samsung takes around a month. We expect the actual market hitting would happen October 2015.


The hardware configuration is neither confirmed nor announced yet. Of course, it’s still early to make that call. However, there will be exciting new implementations on this new version that’s for sure.

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