Top 5 Best Tools To Check Backlinks For Free

Best Tools To Check Backlinks

Top 5 Best and Free Tools To Check Backlinks

Every blogger always tries to create backlinks for it’s blog/website or a specific post to rank it better in Search Engines. As Backlinks are also a part of SEO. As everyone creates backlinks and he wants to monitor them. For monitoring you need a online tool which can show your site’s all external backlinks whether they are do-follow or no-follow. There are many free and paid tools which shows you the backlinks of your site. If you want to check all the backlinks of your site than you must keep reading this article as I will be talking about some of the best and free backlink checker tools to check all the backlinks of your site. If you are having backlinks from High PR blogs than there will be a benefit for your blog but if you create lots of backlinks on low PR blogs than it will not provide you a good rank in search engines.

Best Tools To Check Backlinks For Free

1. Ahrefs

The world’s no. 1 best, free online backlink checker which is also recommended by so many experts and it shows you the accurate number of the backlinks which your site having. It checks every site/blog every 15 minutes and update the informations instantly. However Ahrefs is a best tool but it is also having some paid plans which starts from 79$ per month and ends in 499$ per month.

2. Backlink Watch

Backlinks Watch is also the best and the free backlink checker tool. It is powered by Ahrefs but it is having some more features which are that it not only shows you the number of the backlinks but also shows the link of all the backlinks of your site without any cost.

3. Open Site Explorer

Open Site Explorer is powered by Moz and it is commonly known as SEOMOZ. It is also one of the best tool to check backlinks. It not only shows the backlinks but also Domain Authority (DA), Page Authority (PA) etc.

4. Majestic SEO

Majestic SEO is also one of the well-known and free online backlink checker which also shows you the accurate number of backlinks of the past 90 days only.

5. Link Diagnosis

Link Diagnosis is also just like Backlink Watch and just like Backlink Watch, Link Diagnosis is powered by Iacquire. But there are several settings which you need to set before checking which is some harder for a newbie. So, these were the world’s Top 5 Best Online Tools To Check Backlinks For Free. If you want to give any feedback or suggestion relating to this article kindly feel free to comment. We will always try to help you.

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